Social Capital and Trust
Introduction to Social Capital

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2002 Generating Jobs in Regional Tasmania: A social capital approach Kilpatrick, S., Loechel, B., Thomas, S. & Woinarski, Z.
1999 Trust in a Rural Community I Falk & J Guenther
Discussion Papers
D3/2003 Facilitating sustainable natural resource management: Review of the literature Sue Kilpatrick
D14/2001  Sleight of Hand: Job myths, literacy and social capital Ian Falk
D13/2001  Social Capital: An analytical tool for exploring lifelong learning and community development Sue Kilpatrick, John Field and Ian Falk
D10/2001  Socioeconomic Contributions of Adult Learning to Community: A social capital perspective Jo Balatti and Ian Falk
D9/2001  Cooperation and Tolerance: Restoring our economic system Onko Kingma and Ian Falk
D8/2001  Human and Social Capital: A case study of conceptual colonisation Ian Falk
D7/2001  Literacy by Design, Not by Default: Social capital’s role in literacy learning Ian Falk
D5/2001  The Future of ‘Work’ and the Work of the Future Ian Falk
D2/2001  Benefits for All: How learning in agriculture can build social capital in island communities Sue Kilpatrick and Ian Falk
D2/2000  Support Networks and Trust: How social capital facilitateslearning outcomes for small business S. Kilpatrick
2000-Web Only  Community Capacity and Vocational Education and Training. J. Balatti & I. Falk
D9/1999 Community and Family Dynamics: The role of social brokers in social well-being I. Falk
D8/1999 How Social Capital Facilitates Learning Outcomes for Small Business S. Kilpatrick
D7/1999 Role of Situated Trust in Rural Sustainability: "Levels of Trust community profile" I Falk & J Guenther
D6/1999 Benefits for All: How learning for farming can build social capital in communities S. Kilpatrick & I. Falk
D5/1999 What is Social Capital? A study of interaction in a rural Community. I. Falk & S. Kilpatrick
D4/1999 Sharing the Driving Seat: Tackling the hard issues S. Kilpatrick & R. Bell
D17/1998 Support Networks and Trust: How social capital facilitates economic outcomes for small business S. Kilpatrick & R. Bell
D13/1998 Learning in Rural Communities: A response to rapid economic change S. Kilpatrick, I. Falk & L. Harrison
D9/1998 Promoting Learning Networks for Small Business: How can group learning facilitate change? S. Kilpatrick
D4/1998 Indicators of Social Capital: Social capital as the product of local interactive learning processes. I. Falk & L. Harrison
D3/1998 Groups of Groups: The role of group learning in building social capital. S. Kilpatrick, R. Bell & I. Falk
PR 00/19 Sue Kilpartrick, Barton Loechel, Sheryl Thomas and Zich Woinarski
PR 01/1b CRLRA
Learning Communities in Education and Training Volume 2
Ian Falk, Josephine Balatti, Barry Golding (eds)
PR 98/7 S. Kilpatrick & R. Bell
R7/1999 I. Falk, & J. Balatti Social Capital, Literacy Ecologies and Lifelong Learning Paper presented at the Literacies Amidst Global Transformation Conference, University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2–6 June 1999. Published in the Conference Proceedings, pp. 48–63.
R2/1999 S. Kilpatrick Social Capital and Group Learning  Kilpatrick, S. 1999, ‘Social capital and group learning’, in Outlook 99–Agriculture. Proceedings of the National Agricultural and Resources Outlook Conference, Canberra, 17–18 March 1999. vol. 2, ABARE, Canberra, pp. 137–134.